Abrams relazxing

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: September 30, 2000
Rescued: August 30, 2010
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:
July 15, 2013

Abrams perched

abrams relaxing

Abrams was rescued from private owners/breeders who could no longer care for him due to their age and declining health, and came to In-Sync along with 3 of his brothers, his father and another tiger.

Abrams didn’t have a name when we rescued him but after watching him for just a couple of days, “Abrams” seem to fit him perfectly. He is named after the military tank called Abrams.

When we went to pick the cats up Abrams was one of three cats that we were able to load into our transport cages. When he ran into the cage he ran in with such force that he bent the metal on the opposite side of the cage. Upon arriving at In-Sync Abrams was very timid but would charge the fence if we got too close. As he became a little more comfortable we were able to see just how big he really is. His shoulders and chest are wider that any cat we have and once he receives a little more food and exercise in the playground to develop his muscles he could be our biggest tiger.

Sadly, Abrams lived in a deplorable, unsanitary and dangerous environment. His cage was situated very close to the main road making him and the other cats living at the ranch easy targets for pranksters. He used to live with his littermate, whom we named Stryker, until their sister was killed by someone passing by off the highway. Soon afterwards we were told that the two brothers had started fighting.

Since we moved Abrams to his permanent enclosure and have had him neutered we hope that being in a new place will enable us to let the two brothers back together so they can keep each other company. Abrams is slowly accepting volunteers visiting him and loves dinner time and his meat treats. He hasn’t yet figured out what the playground is for and is a little reluctant to check it out for very long, but we are sure with a lot of patience, love and understanding he will learn to enjoy his new life with us at In-Sync.