Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: November 9, 1998
Rescued: October 23, 2016
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:
April 13, 2017

A facility in Colorado that was closing needed to place over 100 animals, and we were contacted to help.  We were able to transport some animals to new homes, and also brought home several leopards and tigers. Ares was a very chuffy, friendly, outgoing boy!  He quickly became a favorite among our staff, volunteers and visitors, because of his friendly demeanor and gorgeous face. In mid-April of 2017, he seemed to lose his appetite so we brought him into our vet clinic for some tests.   His blood work showed serious problems and his gums and skin color had turned yellow. We ended up having to let Ares go, and necropsy results confirmed that his spleen and liver were covered in masses, and that his spleen had burst, filling his abdomen with blood.  We are all so sorry to lose this beautiful boy, after only knowing him for 6 months.