Simon was three months old when his owners reached out to us to ask if we would take him. He was living in their home up until this point, but they decided that they could no longer care for him. We gladly accepted Simon so that we could provide him with all the appropriate things that a bobcat needs. He was friendly and outgoing since the very first day, which made it impossible to rehabilitate him.

simon cardboard box

Simon remained sweet and outgoing as he grew up and is now a gorgeous adult bobcat. He currently lives alone. Due to his upbringing and the lack of socialization with other bobcats as a cub, Simon doesn’t really get along with other bobcats. We have attempted all plausible combinations based on personalities and temperament and Simon seems to prove us wrong and clearly communicates that he prefers the bachelor lifestyle with special attention only from his human friends.

He is playful, active and loves his ramps and platforms and has no shortage of love, attention, or enrichment from his human caretakers. He lives next to Moses and Otis, and they often chat with each other across the walkway, especially around feeding. Simon is particularly fond of cardboard boxes (he loves to sleep in them) and cardboard scratchers. He continues to teach and patiently show us how to care for him in new and exciting ways. We are so blessed to have watched this little guy grow up and continue to love and care for him!

simon ball
Simon close up

Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Male
Born: April 30, 2017
Rescued: August 29, 2017

simon cutie in playpen
simon open mouth
Simon tongue blurp