A Tribute To Boris
June 13, 2000 – August 10, 2002

Each night you creep into my heart
I see your face, and feel your sweetness
I think of the noise you used to make
and now the silence left in your wake
Who could imagine that one made so much noise
Running and jumping and playing with all those toy

Now it’s so quiet with such a lonely feel
with your missing chuffs it’s almost impossible to deal
The bowls turning over, the talking and moaning
It’s just not the same without all the groaning

When we first met you at two months old
you gave us happiness that left no one untold
Then on a dreary afternoon, after just two years
a cloud cried and you gone too soon

With your nose no longer here to kiss
that’ll be one of the things most missed
If indeed time heals as they say
it must be a thousand years away

But rest in peace baby Boris your spirit will live on
As a result of what you taught Mohan
In your presence we will always feel
Because our love for you was definately real

We love you Boris