buttons the cougar

Species: Cougar
(Puma concolor)

Sex: Female
Born: May 6, 2007
Rescued: May 6, 2013

rescue cougar walking
Playful Cougar

napping rescue cougar

In Atchison Kansas nearly a dozen animals were removed after authorities discovered that the animals had been abandoned. The Atchison County Sheriff seized the animals which had no access to food or clean water.

The Humane Society of the United States contacted In-Sync Exotics to give Charley and Buttons a new forever home. Kansas state director for HSUS said, “It is sad to see these large, wild cats abandoned in flimsy cages that they could have easily escaped from. They would likely have starved to death if not for the actions of the sheriff’s office and the other organizations involved in this case. After discovering that the animals had been abandoned, the sheriff’s office worked with the Kansas City Zoo and the HSUS to provide food for the animals. A veterinarian with the zoo was also on hand during the animal seizure.”

Charley and Buttons arrived at In-Sync Exotics on May 6th 2013 and they quickly investigated their new enclosure. They had never had anything to stand on other than mud so they checked out every inch of grass and the pool and their den inside the sheltered area. We could tell right away that Charley was the outgoing one of the two. It was easy to teach him the new routine because he would move from one area of the enclosure to another for a small treat. Buttons on the other hand was much more reserved, so it took some time and convincing her and earn her trust. After just a little while both cougars were settled in and have become favorites of many of our volunteers.

Although Charley has calmed down a bit, knowing he is always going to get another meal he still loves every treat and toy we give him. He likes to act like he is the big and bold cougar that he should be, but after getting to know him we have found out that Charley also has a shy side. Buttons likes to sit high up on one of the top platforms keeping a watch over her domain. She will go from being a very quiet sweet little girl to pushing everything else aside when it’s dinner time. She lets us know that when she wants to be heard, she will be.

We are very happy to have Charley and Buttons part of our family and hope that we can give them both many many years of happy days and nights.

resting cougar