“For Dinari”
December 16, 2000 – May 11, 2011

It’s been ten short years
Since you entered my life
And we drove down the drive
In the middle of the night

I remember the attitude you
Had with your brother
It was like the two of you
Had this deal with each other

Let’s see which one of us
Could make the most trouble
To the people that loved us
Then the other would double

“I’ll be the class clown”,
Dinari said to Malikai
Cuz you’ll be the one
That will wear the crown

“And while they ooo and awe
Over you,” he said
“It’ll be me that will show
Them how life should be led”

Dinari, when you and your brother
First came to me
I had no idea how beautiful you
Both would turn out to be

The love the two of you shared
Was so special and the bond that
You had was one of a kind
When the two of you were torn apart
I could tell that it completely broke your heart

The day the two of you were reunited in heaven
Was the night that the lighting pushed back all the stars
I knew in my heart that I would not see you turn eleven
But know that now you will never again be apart

Every time a storm comes and the sky fills with thunder
I know it’s the two of you that are really kicking it up
I miss you so much Malikai and Dinari
But I thank you so much for filling my life with wonder