diva the leopard

Species: Leopard
(Panthera pardus)

Sex: Female, spayed
Born: June 3, 2000
Rescued: October 3, 2005
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:
December 4, 2009

black leopard eating ice cream

nervous leopard playing

Diva came from the same facility as Jett. She suffered from severe hair loss around her neck and down her back supposedly from flea infestation. We were told that the two leopards had been housed together and that there would be no problems with the two of them being together at In-Sync.

However, it became apparent that Jett and Diva had never been roommates.
Diva had a difficult time adjusting to her new home at In-Sync. She had to adjust to new people, new surroundings and a new roommate. At first she was intimidated by Jett and stayed hidden inside the den. We sat with her and talked to her to get her more comfortable with us and her new home. Getting her to eat was nearly impossible. The only thing we could get her to eat was a couple of drumsticks at a time.

Chicken was the only food all of the cats from the other facility were accustomed to eating which is not a balanced diet for a cat. Diva is still a finicky eater, and at times, chooses to eat only a few bites. However, her diet is supplemented with vitamins and her weight is good, so we know she’s getting the nutrition she needs. Jett and Diva seem to be getting along just fine now and love to wrestle and nuzzle with each other. Both love to chase squirrels, and are occasionally successful in their hunt. Although not as sociable as many of our cats, Diva will come up to the fence for a back rub. Most often, you’ll find her snoozing up on one of the high platforms.

sneaky leopard