duchess the lynx

Species: Siberian Lynx
(Lynx lynx)

Sex: Female, Spayed
Born: February 9, 1994
Re-homed: February 9, 2002
Weight at Rescue: 51 lbs.

lynx eating a pumpkin

lynx relazing

Duchess lived for 8 years in a house with her owner in Ft. Worth. However, due to domestic circumstances the owner was issued a court order to find a new place for Duchess. Someone recommended In-Sync and after a few phone calls, Duchess came here to live with us.

This was a big change for Duchess after living in the house for so long, but we felt with a lot of attention she would come to accept her new surroundings. It was also very painful for her owner to give her up.
For the first 6 weeks, Duchess didn’t eat much. We tried the food her owner left for her and other red meat, but she finally decided she likes the chicken with vitamin supplement best.

Duchess is now very comfortable here at In-Sync. She has beautiful, piercing, yellowish eyes that command respect. She is a moody cat that accepts attention only when she asks for it. She hates it when the volunteers clean her cage, and will show her frustration by batting at the dangling laundry detergent bottle with amazing force and accuracy. She loves her cagemate, Trooper, and can often be found snuggling with him inside the den, especially on cold winter days. We are happy to have this beautiful cat with us, moodiness and all.

rescue lynx