tired emma

Species: Siberian Tiger
(Panthera tigris altaica)

Sex: Female, spayed
Born: April 26, 2000
Rescued: August 17, 2000
Weight at Rescue: 26 lbs.

silly kitty

emma and her pumpkinEmma was rescued from the same breeding facility as her brother Eric and her cagemates. She had ringworm but wasn’t as consumed with it as the others. She didn’t have mange like the others but was still dehydrated.

Her weight was within the safe range so she was able to come to In-Sync right away. Although Emma wasn’t as ill as the others, her eyes still told a story of sadness, illness and neglect. She is now healthy and happy. Emma and Eric were inseparable until his death in April 2007.

You could often find them cuddling with each other with their legs wrapped around each other. Emma loved her brother dearly and teased him mercilessly knowing she could get away with it. But she also showered him with plenty of head nuzzles and chuffs. Emma now spends her days in the company of her lifelong companions.

looking upwards