The minimum USDA requirement for the size of a big cat enclosure is
that it’s big enough for the cat to stand up and turn around.

That’s not good enough!

Thanks to our generous supporters, we’re able to provide the very best for our cats.

Kenya’s Enclosure (1999)

Kiro & Tacoma’s Enclosure/Playground(2000)

Tiger Country Phase I (2000)

Tiger Country Phase II (2002)

Tiger Country Phase III (2003)

Cougar Enclosure I (2003)

Raja & Jasmine Enclosure/Playground (2004)

Lion’s Enclosure/Playground (2005)

Leopard’s Enclosure/Playground (2006)

Eric’s Pool (2007)

Raja & Jasmine’s Pool (2007)

Renovation of Kiro and Tacoma’s Pool (2007)

Taj Mahal (2008-2009)

Bobcat Haven (2008-2009)

Serval Way (2008)

Visitor Center (2009)

York Palace (2010)

Surround Sound(2010)

Chuffin Park (2010)