gideon the bobcat

Species: Bobcat
(Lynx rufus)

Sex: Male
Born: May 15, 2012
Re-homed: August 1, 2012

bobcat being cute

cutest bobcat ever gideon

Gideon was found sitting on the side of a busy road by a couple in Royce City. After keeping him as a pet for about two weeks, the couple decided it was time to re-home the boy.

On August 1, 2012, the couple brought little Gideon to us. This little kitten was not afraid of his new surroundings, immediately winning the hearts of our staff and volunteers. We hoped he might be a candidate for the rehabilitation captive and release program. So we consulted with our local bobcat “rehabber” to see what Gideon’s chances were for rehab and release. We were told Gideon was not a good candidate for the program because he has no fear of humans and would constantly try to get into people’s laps or climb up people’s legs for food and attention. So the decision was made to welcome Gideon to the In-Sync Exotics’ family.

bobcat playing