A Tribute to our Beloved Gypsy
Oct 3, 1998 – February 2011

Sweet Gypsy Girl.
You came to us full of hisses and claws making it perfectly clear that you had no need for our affection. All you wanted was your beloved Tramp and Dakota. Although we admired your feisty attitude and respected your wish to keep our distance, one thing you could not prevent was our loving you. It was not until later in life you began to open up, showing us your warmth and gentleness.

We will always cherish our memories of you: your big ears and beautiful golden eyes and your feisty attitude along with your kitten like playfulness. You showed us your softer side when lounging on a pillow “making biscuits” and with your precious purrs and chatter.

Thank you so much, sweet girl, for allowing us to share your life with you and opening up your heart to us. It was an honor getting to know the true Gypsy. Although we will miss you terribly, we take comfort in knowing that you are once again running and playing on strong, healthy legs with Tramp, Kota, and the others that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge before you.