Gypsy the serval

Species: African Serval
(Leptailurus Serval)

Sex: Female, spayed
Born: October 3, 1998
Rescued: October 3, 2005
Weight at Rescue: 18 lbs.
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:
January 19, 2011

serval sitting pretty

if i fits i sits

We rescued Gypsy, along with 7 other cats from a refuge that said they needed to relocate their animals because they were closing down their facility. Although they never did close down, we are very glad to have Gypsy as part of our family.

The previous refuge had taken in Gypsy when a breeding facility discarded her because she didn’t produce any kittens, therefore, was not very useful to them. However, we still had her cagemate, Tramp, neutered to insure there would be no unexpected surprises.

Gypsy walks with a limp as a result of a degenerative bone disease in her back legs due to the lack of a proper diet while she was still growing. She spent a lot of time cuddling with Tramp until his death October 2007.

With the help of behavioral modification techniques she has come to accept the volunteers and visitors, and will sometimes come out to play with her toys when people are around. It’s entertaining to watch her bat, kick and chase her toys. Gypsy was housed in a very small enclosure at the previous facility but now enjoys the ample space in her new enclosure to romp and play.