snow tiger harley

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: Septmeber 30, 2001
Rescued: August 30, 2010
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

harley and ball
thirsty tiger

harley playingHarley, along with 3 of his brothers, his father, and Grumpy was rescued from private owners/breeders who could no longer care for them due to their age and declining health. He and his brothers, Kiro (rescued in 1999) and Kazuri, are the prized product of breeding two orange tigers who carry the recessive gene necessary for the white coloring.

Sadly, Harley lived in an unsanitary and unsafe environment. His tiny 10′ x 10′ cage did not afford much room for a tiger. Although his former caretakers could open up an adjoining section, we’re uncertain how often this extra roaming space was made available for Harley. His water was filthy and dark in color as if it had been contaminated with feces for a long time

Both of Harley’s front feet had lacerations so deep and wide that blood was dripping from them and we were able to see toenail or bone inside meaning we would have to do surgery on his feet. Upon doing the surgery we found that the bone in both areas were actually broken and free floating inside the foot. Our vet had to cut the tendon away to retrieve the broken bone then allowing us to stitch the area for proper healing. These injuries were more than likely the results of an improper de-claw surgery. Probably, for the first time in his life Harley will be able to walk without being in constant pain.

Upon his arrival to In-Sync, Harley immediately jumped up on top of his den and remained there for two weeks, coming down only once for a split second to grab a piece of meat. He ate, slept and eliminated on his den and seemed quite content to remain up there indefinitely. We kept a dripping hose within reach so he could drink whenever he wanted. After two weeks, we no longer offered him any food on top of his den. On the second day, Harley finally came down to eat his food and now stays off his den quite a bit. He’s still trying to make sense of his new home and often hisses at his tub. He’s very chuffy and loves for people to visit him.

harley relaxing