gorgeous tiger

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Female, spayed
Born: November 27, 2002
Rescued: April 27, 2004
Weight at Rescue: 145 lbs.
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

snowy tiger

tiger and toysThe name Iona (I-on-a) comes from Ion, a charged subatomic particle. Iona charged into our hearts from the very minute she came to us. She reminds some of us of Kenya because she has some of the same expressions Kenya did.

Iona, Kaiya and Sultan were purchased from an unknown breeding facility and lived their young lives at an entertainment facility in Texas being dragged all over the country to make money for the facility. Iona was used at exhibits such as Six Flags Over Texas and the Mesquite Rodeo. For $25 you could have your picture taken with her. When Iona was no longer useful to them they set out to find a home for her. Since we were looking for a playmate for one of our young tigers, we agreed to take in the three young tigers with the intention of keeping one and relocating the other two to another reputable facility. However, the plans fell through, and now all three tigers call In-Sync home. And we’re very glad to have them.

Iona has a more peaceful attitude than her sister, Kaiya. She will sit with us at the fence and loves for us to talk to her. Iona will moan and groan with pleasure just to have you by her side. We have nicknamed her “Seal” because sometimes when she moans she makes a sound like a seal. Even though she is not as energetic as Kaiya, she does love to be in the water tubs. She also loves to lie in the playground flat on her back basking in the sun.

Because of her sweet nature we have to protect her from Kaiya and Sultan at feeding time because she will not put claim to her food and treats like the others do. Iona will always be very special to us.

serene tiger