jax the serval

Species: African Serval
(Leptailurus Serval)

Sex: Male
Born: October 22, 2008
Rescued: September 6, 2013

rescue servals playing
interested rescue serval

serval walking through tunnel

Vicky was contacted through a text message from another facility that doesn’t usually do rescue for cats. Jax was brought to them because the owner didn’t really know of any other place to take him. They kept Jax for about 3 months before they contacted In-Sync with the idea of placing him with us. We had just taken Luna and thought the two just might get along so of course we accepted the offer.

Through the text we were told that Jax was being kept in a small pen at the facility and that the pen was covered in ants. Jax didn’t have any claws so it was hard for him to get into the shelter box that was provided for him and that there were misters on all day that kept him wet and miserable all the time. We were also told that Jax was acquired by his owner by trading him with an exotic domestic breed of cat that she had bred. Jax also didn’t care too much for the man of the house so he was being kept in another room.

Now with every new cat we get a new and different story. I can’t be sure what stories are true or not true. I can only tell how the cat is when they come to live with us.

I know that Jax was a very nervous cat. He kept his tail busy all the time. We couldn’t even talk to him when he first came without him moving his tail about and trying to bite it. There is a condition that some cats can have when they are nervous called feline hyperesthesia. This condition makes the cat feel like something is always crawling on their skin. Sometimes it can be controlled with valium, which Jax had when he arrived, or sometimes it can go away when the cat is removed from the nervous situation it may be in. For Jax all it took was a little time and love and a huge playground for him to run around, he no longer bites at his tail.

Jax and Luna do still have some spats trying to figure out which one will be boss, but they have also been spotted sharing a bed together and having a serval conversation. One of the things Jax loves, is his tunnel. We are so glad to have Jax with us and so glad that we could offer him a huge new space to run around in and share with Luna and 3 more of his new serval friends.

are you kidding me serval