jazz the lion

Species: African Lion
(Panthera leo)

Sex: Male
Born: July 10, 2002
Rescued: July 10, 2009
Weight at Rescue: n/a

jazz before

When Jazz came to In-Sync…

jazz now

Jazz NOW!!

happy lionThe USDA confiscated Jazz, his cagemate Shazam and the white lioness Sheila from a local entertainment facility where they had not been cared for properly.
He had a distended belly due to ascites which is a sign of obvious starvation. He suffered from a severe lack of coordination in his hind legs and little to no muscle tone which made it almost impossible for him to walk.

Because of his inability to get up and move normally, Jazz had nasty, bloody pressure sores over most of his body. Jazz also has a very dull, scraggly mane; filthy coat and dull, lifeless eyes. He also suffers from a severe Vitamin A deficiency and was tested positive for roundworm. With a proper diet and added supplements, Jazz has made some improvements since his arrival. He’s walking more steadily and frequently and is gradually gaining the strength to groom himself and to play with his buckets.

His pressure sore are healing and with time we hope to correct his Vitamin A deficiency. We were very excited when he and Shazam started joining Malikai and Dinari in song. To us it was a good sign of them feeling better and becoming more comfortable in their new home. We are hoping with continuous proper nutrition and lots of love and care, we will continue to see him heal and live a long happy life with us.

Jazz’s rare coloring is the result of a recessive gene called “chinchilla” or “color-inhibitor” and in the wild is only found in the Kruger sub-species and unique to the Timbavati region of South Africa.”

pair of lions