jett the leopard

Species: Leopard
(Panthera pardus)

Sex: Male, neutered
Born: September 5, 2000
Rescued: September 5, 2005
Weight at Rescue: 110 lbs.

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Jett was one of 6 cats we rescued from a facility close to Houston that was supposedly closing down. We were told that Jett and the black leopard, Diva, could be housed together although neither had been altered.

Keeping with our belief that rescue centers and sanctuaries should not breed, we arranged for Jett to arrive a month earlier than the other cats so he could be neutered and have enough time to recover before Diva arrived.
Jett adapted quickly and is quite a clown.

He loves to sit in the middle of a large tire and throw his tail around and chase it. He entertains himself for hours with this and other games. He uses his gorgeous, flirty green eyes to entice us in a game of hide and seek. Jett had several spots of hair loss due to flea dermatitis and has stiff hind legs.

He also had no muscle tone due to the small enclosure at his previous home which was only about 400 square feet and 10 feet tall. We have built an enclosure fit for a leopard that includes an inside and outside area that is 40ft. x 50ft. and 22 ft. tall. It also includes platforms that are as high as 13 ft. off the ground making it so that Jett can run, jump and get up high as leopards love to do. Jett is very happy and healthy here at In-Sync Exotics. When not playing, you can often find him lounging lazily upon the upper platform or curled up in his plastic playhouse.

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