When we first met you,
You had no name
And we could see through your eyes
So much sorrow and pain

With no one to love you
And no one to care
To make sure that your life
was free of despair

You lived in that barn for so many years
And seemed so forgotten
It brought us plenty of tears

We gave you drink
And we gave you food
And more love and attention
Then you could ever think

You taught yourself
How to jump atop the spool
And the first time you saw horses
You were nobody’s fool

To see you walk outside
With grass under your feet
And the sunlight hit your face
Was such an awesome treat
It was so cute to watch you
As you pulled up the grass
We could tell that you loved it
What a wonderful taste

Remember how I mentioned
That you didn’t have a name
Well Mak took care of that too
And called you KANE