white tiger intimidating

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: June 16, 1999
Rescued: August 30, 2010
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

white tiger running

white tiger rolling in the grassKazuri, along with 3 of his brothers, his father, and Grumpy was rescued from private owners/breeders who could no longer care for them due to their age and declining health.

He and two of his brothers, Kiro (rescued in 1999) and Harley, are the prized product of breeding two orange tigers who carry the recessive gene necessary for the white coloring.

Sadly, Kazuri lived in an unsanitary and unsafe environment. His area was about 20X20 and only 8 feet tall. The roof above his den was completely rusted through making it so that when Kazuri stood on his den he could put his head through the hole to the outside.

When we picked up Kazuri he didn’t have a name. We could tell right away that he was different than the other brothers and needed a name that was just as different. His name, “Kazuri” means beautiful one in Swahili and beautiful certainly describes him.

Upon his arrival to In-Sync, Kazuri was extremely quiet. We were constantly checking on him to make sure he was accepting the transition to his new home. He would come out of his den sit on top and never make a sound. He never misses a meal and loves attention, but is still very quiet. After the quarantine period, it was time for him to visit the playground. He went out like he had done it a hundred times before. He checked everything out and was completely content to lie atop the waterfall. Kazuri is the only one of the brothers that has figured out what the playground is for. He runs, plays tug of war with the tire swing, and loves to kick the huge ball around.

Kazuri is very affectionate and loves visits from the volunteers. Since the opening of his new permanent enclosure we hope to raise enough money to soon build a pool and waterfall in the new playground. We can’t wait to see him experience a large pool for the first time in his life.