Kibo & Shira

kibo the serval


shira the serval


Species: African Serval
(Leptailurus Serval)

Sex: Male, Female
Both Born: June 13, 2006
Rehomed: October 7, 2012

the serval siblings

happy rescue servals

Meet Mr. Kibo and Shira, two beautiful former pets, who came came from a loving home in Orange, Virginia. It was obvious that both cats were well-cared for; received regular vet exams and pretty much enjoyed the run of their owner’s house.

Unfortunately, Connie (their owner), could no longer provide the cats with the time and attention they needed, and since she only wanted the best for the cats, decided it was time to find them a new home with an accredited sanctuary. She made contact with an American Sanctuary Association member, asking for a referral, who in turn, sent out a general e-mail to all ASA members, asking for placement assistance.

We were able to spend a few hours with Connie as she described what her two cats were like. She showed us how Shira loves playing with foil wrapped in a ball, proudly carrying it around the house. Mr. Kibo was sleeping on top on the fridge when we first met him and we noticed right away that he was a lot more timid than his sister. The lady fixed us a nice hot meal, and gave us the opportunity to shower before we loaded the cats into the van. When it was time for Connie to say good-bye to Mr. Kibo and Shira. We witnessed a very loving parting–it was obvious that Mr. Kibo and Shira were precious cats in this woman’s eyes. We promised her that Mr. Kibo and Shira would always receive the best care and we invited her to be a part of the cats’ lives–she was always welcomed at In-Sync Exotics.

We are happy to report that Connie wants to stay a part of the cats’ lives but by contributing towards their continued vet care and perhaps towards a new serval habitat. This trip was made possible because Connie paid for our travel expenses. She is already looking forwarding to flying down to Texas to see Mr. Kibo and Shirain their new home in a couple of weeks!

We are praying that Nefie will embrace this brother-sister pair as they slowly become acclimated to their new indoor/outdoor enclosure. No doubt the new sights, smells, and sounds may be a little intimidating for the two servals, but we have high hopes that they will settle in to their new life in no time at all!

servals keeping clean