lassiter the cougar

Species: Cougar
(Puma concolor)

Sex: Male, neutered
Born: June 15, 1996
Re-homed: February 15, 2009
Weight at Rescue: 128 lbs.

bundle of cougars

beautiful cougar

Lassiter and his sister Sierra came from a private owner in east Texas. The owner had acquired the cougars when they were 2 years old and kept them for 6 years.

When the owner decided to move, he left the two cougars in the care of his elderly father who didn’t really have the time or desire to care for the cats properly. Realizing that the cats deserved a better life, the owner’s sister called In-Sync in hopes we could provide them with a loving, nurturing home. Since we just completed the new cougar habitat, we agreed to take in the cats.

Lassiter is very sweet and enjoys playing with his Kong. When Lassiter first came he had a hard time figuring out how to climb. The first time he managed to get on top of his den, he did so by putting his front paws and head on top of the den and shimmying himself up using the chain link fence and his back legs. Lassiter now enjoys being up as high as he can get. Most of the time you can find him lounging around up high on a platform.

Lassiter has earned the nick name of Scooby Do because of his loving manner and the way he barks at the keepers as they walk by. Lassiter loves to have the keepers and volunteers converse with him through the fence. We are very lucky that not only did we get two great cats, but a great volunteer as well. The sister, Leslie, has stayed on as a volunteer to help care for the two cougars

playful rescue cougar