luna the serval

Species: African Serval
(Leptailurus Serval)

Sex: Female
Born: July 26, 2008
Rescued: July 26, 2013

serval licking their nose

rescue serval relaxing

We were contacted by the International Fund for Animal welfare that “Luna” needed a place to call home. She had been found as a stray in an area of Oklahoma that had recently been hit by a tornado. Luna was picked up by Edmund animal control, seen by their vet and then taken to another rescue facility for her to be cared for until a home could be found for her.

When she was first discovered, xrays revealed that her front left leg had been broken in two places. She was anemic, dehydrated and had open sores and hair loss on her chest, tummy, between her back legs and a raw spot on the end of her tail.

When Luna arrived we took her to our vet and did a recheck on her leg and skin. She had also been diagnosed with anemia and haemobartonella. We found that her leg was already healed and fused itself back together. In doing so her left leg is about an inch shorter that her right leg so she will always have a limp. We also found that her left shoulder is dislocated. Luna gets around pretty well at this time, she doesn’t experience any pain from her broken leg but maybe a little discomfort from her shoulder. We will keep a very close eye on it and if it becomes necessary we may have to amputate her leg. We could try to reset her shoulder but veterinarians’ have advised us that it would not stay in place and possibly cause her more trouble. The sores on her skin have completely healed up leaving no scars and her tail is now nice and bushy.

Luna is a real sweetheart and looks forward to visits from the staff and volunteers and she loves her enrichment and lets us know with lots of Serval chirps. She is definitely a girl that likes to have things “her” way. If things are not done the way she wants it, she will totally ignore you until it’s done “right”. We are honored that IFAW contacted us about her and are excited for her to have a long happy life here with us at In-Sync Exotics.

luna cleaning her paws