Malikai My King
December 16, 2000 – October 28, 2010

It’s just not real
It’s all so wrong
You were bigger than life
So powerful and strong

I just can’t accept
The fact that you’re not here
Though sharing in your life
Was a privilege to me
Now all that I have left
Are Memories so dear
It’s just not the way
Things were supposed to be

No matter how hard we try
Or how much knowledge we gain
It is ultimately up to God
To ease your pain

Although you tried so hard
To make us think you were to tough
To be kissed
The games and the love you shared
With your brother Dinari showed us
That deep in your heart those kisses
Will be most missed

Just as you’re name is the meaning of KING
You were the lord of your house
The leader of your pride
You were always the first to lead the song
With a chorus that followed you
That made all our hearts sing

Towards the end when you let me stroke your face
I could stare into your eyes and see
That within your heart I had a special place
Just like the one you have with me

Dinari’s song will be heard all the way to heaven
As he calls out to you
Knowing that he will hear you again
Just as he always has before

Vicky Keahey, 11.10.2010