Mary the bobcat

Species: Bobcat
(Lynx rufus)

Sex: Male
Born: October 22, 2013
Rehomed: March 22, 2014

interested rescue bobcat

mary the male bobcat

Mary was born a wild bobcat, but on a construction site the tree where he and his siblings lived was destroyed. The other babies ran away (hopefully to join their mother), but little Mary was caught and kept in a small crate for about 6 months.

He was finally brought to us, but because he wasn’t with his mother long enough to learn any life skills, he is not a candidate for rehab and release. He is now living quite happily with several of our other bobcats. He was originally thought to be a female, but then surprised us all by developing, um, boy parts.

Mary came to us the day after Mary Howard, the person, lost her life to cancer on her 30th birthday.  Mary was the niece of Marvin Howard.  Mary was a remarkable young person, affecting lives of people around the world through her work with Rotary International.  These comments were extracted from a letter written by a colleague who held upper level positions with Rotary in Africa:

“My image of Mary was a middle-aged lady, very efficient and quite knowledgeable in matters of grants.”

After meeting her on a visit to Rotary Headquarters in Chicago:  “The efficient and knowledgeable middle-aged team friend became a lovely smiling young lady still in her twenties, which made her really even more impressive; how on earth did she get that kind of knowledge and experience at such an early age?”

There is a home named after her in Guatemala in honor of work done there.

Mary Howard, March 20, 1984 – March 20, 2014

Mary Howard, March 20, 1984 – March 20, 2014
bobcat playing with football