mercedes the cougar

Species: Cougar
(Puma concolor)

Sex: Female, spayed
Born: May 27, 1987
Rescued: May 2, 2007
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

rescue cougar playing

rescue cougar in sanctuary

We rescued Mercedes and her 3 offspring from private owners in May 2007. The owners have been in contact with us for 3 years hoping we would have room for their cats since they had a desire to move out of state.

Each time we turned them down due to lack of space. When they called us to tell us their house had burned down and the cats, who were housed on the property, were left unprotected with no running water or electricity, we had to do something to assure the cats’ safety. We took the cats in, hoping we could place some of the cats in other facilities. Unfortunately, the only facility that could help us wanted only one male and one female cougar, and we didn’t have the heart to break up the family whom has been together since the siblings were born.

Mercedes is a beautiful cougar with huge, round eyes that will melt your heart. She came to us very thin. As an older cat, she’s very set in her ways and has no desire to switch from her all-chicken diet to which she’s accustomed, so we add supplements to her diet to ensure she’s getting the nutrients she needs.

For an older cat, Mercedes is very playful and enjoys “playing” with the volunteers. She also loves to play with cereal boxes and laundry detergent bottles. She loves to cause trouble with her roommates and is always letting them know that they should always mind their elders. At the tender age of 25 Mercedes was diagnosed with kidney failure. Not even that is keeping this girl down. Every day the keepers need to give Mercedes subcutaneous fluids’ to make sure that her kidneys stay flushed and keep her feeling like the youngster she really is.

cougar playing in enclosure