March 10, 1999 – April 25, 2011

It’s the Midas Touch
Mighty Midy Midas Man
does what no other tiger can
the one with the golden Midas touch
that makes us all love you so very much

What do we do now Midas
With you not here
After all the years we’ve spent
Trying to keep you near

It’s so hard for me to sleep at night
Feeling like I gave up the fight
That every one of us and you
Fought so hard with all our might

There will never be another
To fill Blue Bell’s heart
And Snow White too,
feels so torn apart
And although Mohan would rather not
He will keep your clip board
To keep you informed of what’s
Going on with the public pot.

I’m so lost without you Midas
I miss you oh so much
And as I look back this is what I see
Everything I ask of you and
how you were always sure to please
and the very first time you ever looked at me
and that feeling that you gave me of the good old
Midas touch