Tribute to Nicolas
May 27, 1993 – September 18, 2009

The first time I saw you, dear Nik,
My goal was to make you mine.
Though you were thin and lacked muscle tone,
I knew I could fix that in time

I had never seen a tiger
That stood so proud and so tall.
Those long, beautiful legs of yours
Made the others seem so small.

As I looked upon your handsome face,
I felt a flutter in my heart.
My eyes filled with tears of joy.
You captivated me from the start.

Memories of you constantly fill my mind:
Your constant singing and generous chuffs,
The first time you allowed me to rub your back,
These things, I cannot get enough.

How you eagerly played chase
Or a game of Hide-and-Seek-
The volunteers willing obliged;
One even tripped over his own feet.

You lived beside lions
For most of your life
Even learned to sing like them
Into the night

For two very short years,
You filled my soul with song,
So I decided to give you a song,
For you, and you alone.

When it was time for you to come back home
After your long hours of play,
I would sing this special song just for you
Each and every day.

Nik Nak paddy wack give a cat a bone
It’s time for Nik to come home.

It was always amazing to watch you
As you willing came to me.
I would always have a bone waiting for you;
I loved you so much, I hope you could see.

Now my eyes fill up with tears.
And I am left with heartache and sorrow.
How could I not see cancer was taking you from me.
Leaving me with no tomorrow.

Now there’s no more song
From you or from me;
Just the empty silence
Of how things used to be.

I Love you Nik-Nak
Vicky Keahey, 09.24.2009