Nugget the Coatamundi

Species: Coatimundi
(Nasua nasua)

Sex: Male, neutered
Born: March 4, 2004
Rescued: March 4, 2006
Weight at Rescue: 10 lbs.

rescue coatamundi

Coatamundi and his toy

Nugget was originally purchased from a pet store in Plano. However, when the owner’s neighbors complained about having an exotic pet in their neighborhood, Nugget’s new owner was forced to get rid of him. He sold Nugget back to the pet store owner who decided to keep this cute, little guy himself.

Because he was in the process of building a new home, Nugget went to live with the pet store owner’s father-in-law until the house was completed.
However, upon completion, Nugget was no longer wanted. Because the father-in-law didn’t want this cute, little guy either, he called In-Sync to see if we had room. During Nugget’s 3-4 month stay with the father-in-law, he was housed in a 2’x3′ crate, which appeared as if it had never been cleaned.
There were multiple food bowls filled with molded food and feces, no fresh water and inadequate shelter.

Nugget had burns on his body from wallowing in his own urine.
Before coming to us, he had never seen a veterinarian nor received any routine vaccinations. Nugget’s personality won us over immediately. He is very affectionate and loves company and to have his back scratched. Nugget is very acrobatic and loves to entertain anyone willing to watch. He loves sweet treats, especially peppermints, Jolly Ranchers and cinnamon pop-tarts, and will devour creepy, crawly things, especially long, juicy earthworms.

thirsty coatamundi