Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: April 23, 2014
Rescued: December 22, 2014


Apophis, Kabul, Solomon, India, Kali and Odin all came from a breeding facility in Wisconsin. The facility was being shut down due to unhealthy living conditions and non-compliance issues with the USDA. When we were first contacted about the cats we were asked to take in two much younger cubs, Kali and Odin. When we heard how the placing facility wanted to use the cubs for a staged and set up rescue to be aired on television we decided to not be a part of their show. We do not believe that using animals for television purposes is in the best interest of the animals.  We had been involved in a televised rescue before, and learned about the way things were done. We vowed then to never take part in anything like that again. When we declined to do the television show the placing facility withdrew their request for us to take the cubs. About a week later that same facility called back and asked if we could take 4 of the older cats they had. We agreed by leaving a voicemail saying we needed the cubs to be included. Within 4 days all 6 of the cats showed up in our driveway. Since we didn’t have any notice as to if and when the cats would be here, we had to do some fancy stepping to get things ready for them. None of the cats had names that we knew of and no one that came with the cats had any information about the cats that they were willing to share. Kali shared her space with Odin, and it is HER space.  Kali and Odin are always together and always get along… unless there is something that Kali wants first. And she gets it. She is a bit of a tomboy and doesn’t mind getting down and dirty. She thinks about the fun first, and the aftermath is for the staff to deal with.