A Tribute To Ranger
June 12, 1993 – April 6, 2006

You were my special friend from beginning to end.
There is so much to say about you, Ranger, I don’t know where to begin

When you first came to me you were so playful and funny
I had never seen a cougar hop so like a bunny.
I’ll never forget your young crossed eyes
And the way you would bark which sounded more like a dog
And less like cougar cries.

As the years went by and you became older
You took on a look of being so much bolder.
Your young crossed eyes became stern and commanding
Telling me with no question that you were outstanding.

My memories of you Ranger will never die
I can still hear your bark instead of cougar cries
It is so very hard to push back the tears
As I think of what you brought me throughout all these years.

If it wasn’t for you, my dear sweet Ranger
so many other cats would still be in danger.
You opened my eyes to other cats in need
And I am so glad you came to me.

Not only did you change my life
But you changed the life of many
You’ll never know how much
I miss you Ranger.