sahara the cougar

Species: Cougar
(Puma concolor)

Sex: Female, spayed
Born: October 18, 1999 at In-Sync
Incorporated to In-Sync Exotics: March 31, 2000

rescue cougar sassy

cougar and her toy

Sahara’s parents, Ranger & Tahoe who were owned by Vicky before In-Sync Exotics had become incorporated, and were together for six years with no signs of breeding. Vicky assumed that one or both were sterile and, therefore, did not have them altered. Vicky did think that at one time it would be nice to breed the two cougars.

However learning the need to rescue exotic cats and the consequences of uncontrolled breeding changed her thoughts very quickly. In-Sync Exotics realizes there are too many exotic cats in captivity and, therefore, has no intentions of contributing to the problem. All of our cats have either been altered, including those we’re told are infertile, or are in situations where breeding is impossible. Unless we rescue a pregnant cat, Sahara will be the only cat born at In-Sync.

Sahara never wanted for anything except maybe for her mother. Tahoe abandoned her kitten on the second day so we had to bottle-feed Sahara to keep her alive. When she was learning to walk we noticed she was having trouble. X-rays revealed she was born without a ball joint in her left hip.

She’s had one surgery to help correct the problem, and today walks with only a subtle limp. Sahara was raised with Kiro, our white tiger. She used to play in the water like a tiger and will occasionally still paw at the water. She is now housed with other cougars and thinks she’s earned the right to be Princess of In-Sync.

sahara the cougar playing