samu the tiger

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Female, spayed
Born: December 22, 1999
Rescued: August 31, 2000
Weight at Rescue: 67 lbs.

panting tiger

rescue tiger samu

Samu has the saddest story. She had gone through more in her first 9 months of life than any animal we have ever known. She lost all of her hair due to an infestation of ringworm, mange and impetigo, and her skin was dry, cracked and bleeding.

Once, before coming to In-Sync, she was given improper medications that put her life in grave danger and resulted in her having to receive blood and bone marrow transfusions.

When she came to us, she looked deformed; her head was scarred and her feet were red and irritated. We had to feed her small amounts 3-4 times a day so she could gain the weight and strength she needed to survive. She was very cautious about her new surroundings and her new caregivers, but we gave her constant attention until she felt she could trust us. Samu is now a very healthy and beautiful tiger.

She loves to jump in her tub and splash as much water out as she can using her two front legs. When she goes on the playground she likes to kick around and climb all over the Safari ball. And when we give her a bone, she hops around her cage with it in her mouth before eating it. Unlike some of the other cats at In-Sync, she doesn’t like to get dirty and keeps her tub and enclosure relatively clean. It is so much fun watching Samu at play after seeing what she went through in her young life.

tiger playing with a ball