sassy the cougar

Species: Cougar
(Puma concolor)

Sex: Female, spayed
Born: January 17, 1999
Re-homed: July 17, 2004
Weight at Rescue: 104 lbs.
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

sassy the cougar playing

cougar tire swing

Sassy’s owners first contacted us in January 2004 about giving Sassy a new home. We did not have room for her at the time, but they were willing to wait until we did. Sassy waited 6 months to get a home here at In-Sync.

Since she was raised alone, she had some difficulty getting used to being around other cats.

She now enjoys the company of her cagemates although at feeding time, she makes it very clear that she does not share. She loves her toys, especially the big plastic apple that dangles from the top of the cage.

Sassy is a very sweet and gentle cat and purrs loudly when we visit with her. She loves to climb up the ramps to the platforms to look out into the world. We are very happy to have Sassy as part of our family.

jumping wildcats