stryker the tiger

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: Septmeber 30, 2000
Rescued: August 30, 2010
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: February 13, 2017

rescue tiger walking

tiger fang

Stryker was another tiger that we rescued from private owners/breeders who could no longer care for him due to their age and declining health. He came to In-Sync along with 3 of his brothers, his father and another tiger. Just like Abrams, Stryker didn’t have a name.

We thought it was only fitting to give him a name that would go well with his brother since the two seemed so close. A Stryker is a Marine assault vehicle.

Another reason Stryker was such a great name for him is that he is so striking. His colors are very distinct and he has polka dots in different areas of his body. Unlike his brother Abrams, and contrary to what his name might suggest, Stryker is laid back and very accepting of his new surroundings. Upon arriving at In-Sync, Stryker was the first of the 6 to offer chuffs and accept visits from the volunteers. He has quickly become one of everyone’s favorite. Stryker was also very thin when he came to In-Sync, you could see all of his back and hip bones. We know that with love, attention, lots of play time and food Stryker will be even more striking.

Stryker also lived in a deplorable, unsanitary and dangerous environment. His cage was situated very close to the main road making him and the other cats living at the ranch easy targets for pranksters. Stryker and Abrams used to live together, until their sister was killed by someone passing by off the highway. Soon afterwards we were told that the two brothers had started fighting. Since we moved Stryker to his permanent enclosure and have had him neutered we hope that being in a new place will enable us to let the two back together so they can keep each other company.

tired tiger