tobias the lynx

Species: Siberian Lynx
(Lynx lynx)

Sex: Male (Neutered)
Born: May 19, 2009
Rescued: March 19, 2010
Weight at Rescue: 10.5 lbs.

lynx eating watermelon

yawning lynx

Tobias was rescued by the USDA from a breeder in Oklahoma and brought to us on March 19, 2010. He was roughly 10 months old and suffered the effects of extreme negligence. His condition was so bad upon his arrival that we were not even 100% sure he was a lynx. He suffered severe ringworm, which left him almost entirely hairless. He was also anemic and significantly underweight at only 10.5 pounds.

Because ringworm is severely contagious, Tobias has been isolated some distance from the other cats. Vicky has “suited up” to go into his enclosure to care for him and administer medication. He is making great improvements and looks better every day. Tobias has a sweet disposition and is very playful. He bounces around his enclosure, chases his toys, and climbs on his house with such energy and excitement! We can’t wait until he is no longer contagious and can get all the attention he so richly deserves. Tobias has already won the hearts of volunteers and many visitors!

lynx playing