Happy holidays to all our friends from In-Sync Exotics.

Last year at this time I told you about sweet Mystery, a 17-year-old tiger that came to us in 2014 with an unknown past (a Mystery).  Supposedly, Mystery had been dropped off in the driveway of the previous owner with no information on her background, health, or needs.  Thanks to our donors, Mystery received 8 years of love and caring here at In-Sync.  I’m sad to report that Mystery crossed the Rainbow Bridge this fall.  While we mourn her passing, we also praise the love and support everyone provided for her.  Mystery is the perfect example of why we need your support.

Although Mystery was with us for 8 years, Sultan has been with us for 18.5 years!  He came to In-Sync when he was 1.5 years old when his owner could no longer exploit him.  That’s right, this beautiful, stately, amazing tiger is 20 years old!  Once no longer profitable, cats like Sultan are often sold on the black market, locked away in a tiny cage, or worse.  When we say they are “with us for life” and that “In-Sync is their forever home,” we mean it.  With your financial support, Sultan has received proper care for over 18 years, including current medical attention based on his needs as he ages.  Sultan is another example of your commitment to these animals.  We could not do this without you.

Our budget for food, medical care, staff, utilities, maintenance, and the many other facets of running the sanctuary is approximately $50 per day, per cat!  That equals $18,250 per year, for a single cat!  Multiply that by 75 cats gets you over 1.3 Million DOLLARS!  This is why we come to you at the end of each year, asking you to support these beautiful animals that did not choose to live in captivity.

On the other end of the age spectrum, meet Minnie.  Minnie is a 9-month-old tiger that was found during a drug raid in South Texas and now calls In-Sync her forever home.  Like Sultan, Minnie will not only get fed, provided a safe, comfortable, and engaging home, but Minnie will be treated for all ailments that she may experience,  for the rest of her life.  Assuming Minnie lives beyond 20 years as Sultan and other cats have, we are committing to spending over $365,000 for her care.

We need your support to ensure Minnie receives all the care she deserves.

At In-Sync, we have sixteen cats over the age of 15 years-old!  Sixteen ‘geriatric’ cats, who will probably experience expensive medical needs.  But what is more eye-opening is that we have FIFTY-NINE cats UNDER the age of 15, with two cats under the age of 1 year-old!  Those two cats alone will cost In-Sync approximately $750,000 to care for in their lifespan.  And that does not include any expensive complications they may encounter for the next 20 years!

Perhaps this gives a better picture into why we need YOU!

We care for more than just tigers here at In-Sync.  Lions, cougars, leopards, cheetahs, servals, lynx, and bobcats also call In-Sync home.  In 2011 we rescued 3-year-old Isaac, a bobcat that had been living in a 2×3 wire dog cage for two years!  When rescued, he was sitting on top of at least 4 inches of dried feces and decaying food parts and bones.  Because of donor support, Isaac is now 14 years old, happily living with Jasper, Chance, Goliath, and Mary, in the Looney Enclosure.  In December of 2021, we rescued little Jacob, a bobcat at just 2 months old.  Fortunately, we scooped him up before he too ended up in a dog-kennel as someone’s “pet”.  We are still caring for Isaac at 14 years-old, and expect Jacob to live at least that long, so you can see why we still need your support!

Year-end is important for nonprofits, as 30% of most donations come in in December.  We need YOU to help us reach our fundraising goals, so we can continue our mission and provide the life these animals deserve.   We did not breed these animals.  We did not use them for cub-petting or other entertainment purposes.  We would love to not be needed, but the fact of the matter is, without sanctuaries like In-Sync, many of these cats would be euthanized or forced to live in horrific conditions.  If you gave $50 last year, maybe you can donate $100 this year.  If you gave $200, perhaps this year you can donate $500.  Won’t you consider making a transformative donation this year to care for these beautiful animals!?


Vicky Keahey
President/Founder In-Sync Exotics
[email protected]

“They are with us for LIFE”

PS – Please consider the tax benefits of donating long-term appreciated securities, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, directly to In-Sync Exotics.

Donations may be made by check mailed to:
In-Sync Exotics
P.O. Box 968
Wylie TX 75098.