Abby is one of nine tigers that were donated to In-Sync in early 2022 by Terranova Enterprises. In 2019, the USDA permanently revoked Terranova’s tiger handling license and fined the owner for multiple violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The surrender of the tigers by Terranova is typical of some of In-Sync’s past rescues; they were forced to participate in the entertainment industry including TV and film appearances, photo shoots, and circus performances.

abby laying down close up

Abby came as a pair with Leah, her best friend. When Abby and Leah arrived we immediately observed that both were severely underweight. Terranova informed us that both cats had a healthy appetite. A few days after their arrival, Abby and Leah started to vomit their food and presented with gastric issues. It was clear from their vomit and feces, they were not digesting any food we gave them. Abby in particular became very sick. We took blood and found that her electrolytes were fatally low which is indicative of not absorbing any nutrients from their food and water. Our veterinarian informed us that this deficit had been going on for quite some time.

Abby’s health continued to decline despite the fluids we administered and several injectable medications (she wasn’t eating). We rushed her to our vet clinic and inserted an IV catheter in order to fast-track her medications. After several days of intensive, around-the-clock care, Abby started improving and we all breathed a sigh of relief. She started eating again and acting like her normal chuffy and bright self. After she was stable, we brought Abby back home to Leah.

Abby and Leah were both diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. This disorder disrupts the pancreas’ ability to produce enzymes required to break down their food properly to allow the absorption of nutrients. The plan of care as indicated by our veterinarian would require that their entire digestive system be rebuilt. We started adding pancreas and pancreas powder to their food to help “pre-digest.” The plan also included finely ground meat for maximum absorption. With medications and the alteration to their food, Leah and Abby have made an amazing improvement. They started gaining the weight that they so desperately needed and even the quality of their fur improved. Experiencing the close call Abby sustained, we are so glad she is with us so that she could receive and continue to receive the medical care she so severely needed.

Even after her traumatic beginning, Abby is a sweet, chuffy, active girl. Her personality and voice has started to shine through. She spends her time running around the playground chasing the golf cart or her best friend, Leah. Her appetite has significantly improved and she has become a ravenous eater which delights our heart after witnessing her initial struggle. When you come out, head over to Mane Street to witness this affectionate girl’s transformation and her joie de vivre!

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Female
Born: April 17, 2009
Rescued: February 28, 2002