Other Ways to Help

The cats at In-Sync have come from abusive or neglectful situations or from owners who could no longer care for them. Without the generosity of our supporters, we could not provide the loving, nurturing haven these cats so greatly deserve.

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know the many ways you can help the cats continue to thrive under our care.



Amazon Wish List

Show your love for our animals and staff by shopping our Amazon Wish List!


Charity Motors

Charity Motors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping the underprivileged with transportation. When you donate your vehicle to Charity Motors, not only are you helping a needy person with a car, but you can also choose In-Sync Exotics as the charitable organization to receive the proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle. Call 888-908-2277 or 972-CHARITY, or visit www.charitymotors.org.

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Online Store

Exciting news – we have an online store! Check out our store to get your Mystery mask, Taboo tote bag, Rafiki playing cards, and more! New designs are being added regularly so we’ll have something for everyone.


Online Shopping

If you use igive.com, goodshop.com, or shopraise.com choose In-Sync Exotics as your charitable organization of choice. When you shop online participating stores will donate a percentage of your purchases to In-Sync.


Employee Matches

If your employer matches donations to non-profit organizations, please submit any donation made to In-Sync Exotics.


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Need some information fast? Don’t Google it; Goodsearch it. Choose In-Sync Exotics as your charity of choice and start searching the world wide web. For every search done through Goodsearch, In-Sync will receive a penny, and in this information age, those pennies can add up fast.

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You can help with your Kroger Plus Card. Once you register your card online you can help In-Sync every time you shop at Kroger and use your Kroger Plus Card. Kroger will contribute a percentage of your eligible purchases to the Kroger Community Rewards Program.

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Tom Thumb’s Good Neighbor Program

Tom Thumb shoppers can link In-Sync Exotics to your Reward card by following the instructions at www.tomthumb.com/yourstore/good-neighbor.html, using In-Sync’s account number (10706). Every time you shop, a percentage of your total sales is donated to In-Sync Exotics.

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Donate Directly

Your support will ensure they will always live in a spacious, loving environment where they will get proper food, nutrition, medical care, exercise and attention.



Coins 4 Cats

Collecting coins to benefit cats is so easy. Families can collect their spare change and ask friends and family to do the same; Organizations can set up a collection jar at their meeting place, and businesses can set out a collection jar where it’s easily accessible to their customers. We’ll be happy to provide free labels for your collection jars and information on In-Sync to get you started. When you’re ready, cash in your coins and mail us a check, or bring the coins by on your next visit. As always, every dollar (um, cent) goes directly back to the cats and your donation is tax-deductible. To receive your free labels, contact Vicky Keahey. Remember, all those coins can add up for a good cause.

In-Sync Exotics is a 501-C-3 Non-Profit Corporation – Texas charter: # 01577341 EIN: 31-1726497 – USDA License #: 74-C0043 Email: [email protected] Web Site: insyncexotics.org