Holiday came to us in December of 2019 with Zachariah, three other tigers, and a cougar from a private owner in Calvert, Texas. At the time, we only had room for two cats so we collaborated with Tigers In America to find safe homes for the cougar and the other three tigers.


Holiday is a beautiful, big, white male tiger. White tigers are not a subspecies of tigers, rather a genetic mutation usually caused by inbreeding. In his previous home, he lived in a 15′ by 25′ concrete enclosure without access to toys or grass. Since his arrival, Holiday has had access to a pool and toys with plenty of enrichment. He loves to run the length of the playground, especially at dinner chasing the golf cart. He is particularly fond of the giant ball, pushing them from one side of the playground/enclosure to the other.

Like most white tigers, Holiday is cross-eyed. We observed that one of his eyes was red and irritated. We brought out a veterinary ophthalmologist who determined that Holiday’s eye lashes were growing inwards towards his eyes causing severe irritation, redness, and infection in his eyes. As per the recommendation from his ophthalmologist we decided to treat with surgery and medications. We were able to remove the lashes and prevent them from growing back. He has since healed from his surgery but the ophthalmologist suspects irreversible damage to his eye because of the duration it was left untreated prior to relocation to his current home.

Holiday is an easy going, charming, spunky boy who has made In-Sync his home and quickly made friends with his neighbors. When you come out, head over to Brats side of Tiger Country to see this boy push his giant ball around and flirt with the neighborhood.

holiday turkey toss

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: January 20, 2007
Rescued: December 21, 2019