Odin, along with his sister, Kali, came from a breeding facility in Wisconsin. Due to unhealthy living conditions and non-compliance with USDA regulations the facility was forced to close. We rescued 4 other tigers from the facility, affectionately known as Fantastic Four.

The facility contacted us with the intention of staging the rescue of the cubs on television in order to promote their agenda. As we sincerely believe that using animals for publicity is not in the best interest of the animals we declined the television show and agreed to take the cubs. When we declined to do the television show, the breeding facility withdrew their request for us to take any of the cats. A week later, the same facility called us back and asked us to take four older cats. We agreed but only if they included the cubs, Kali and Odin. Again, the facility terminated all contact.

About a month later, we received a call out of the blue giving us a thirty minute warning before the facility showed up in our driveway with 6 tigers. None of the cats had names that we knew of and they did not arrive with veterinarians or health information.

baby odin
odin playing with a tire

When Odin arrived, it was clear to us that he loved his sister and was willing to let her take the lead, even at dinner. Odin spends most of his time playing and being overall naughty, but the times he does slow down, he spends it close to his sister. Odin is eager to please but is smart enough to know how to play his eager beaver attitude with the keepers and volunteers.

Odin is an extremely food motivated cat. Although this trait is frowned upon due to aggression, the keepers have found a way to harness this motivation and channel it into his training program. In-Sync Exotics runs a training program for all our cats, led by our keepers. The training program allows our veterinary staff to complete small procedures i.e. weighing, blood draws, vaccination, without anesthesia. Odin is a star pupil due to his food motivation!

Odin and Kali can often be found cuddling together, though Odin knows when to give her space. He is a joyful cat who loves running around on his playground and splashing in his pool. We are so glad that this beautiful boy is home with us.

odin close up face

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: April 23, 2014
Rescued: December 22, 2014

odin tongue out
kali and odin cuddling in the grass