A family in Odessa, Texas purchased a lion cub as a pet for their three- and two-year old children. The Lion King inspired them to ask for a lion of their very own. The family quickly realized that a lion cub was far too much for their family to handle and so they contacted the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) to find a home for baby Lambert. GFAS put the family in contact with In-Sync and they made the decision to donate Lambert to our care. Our team made the fourteen-hour round trip out to Odessa to pick up the cub. We were told that he was about six months old, but when we saw him, it was obvious that Lambert was much younger than that. We had just rescued Rafiki, who was about seven months old, so we had originally hoped that we could introduce the two cubs to each other. But, Lambert was clearly closer to about three months old.

Lambert June 2014
lambert playing in the pool

When Lambert, named after the lion in ‘The Elephant in the Living Room’ documentary, arrived, he was overwhelmed by all the new sights and sounds of the other cats at In-Sync. He had spent his whole life living in a house, and so we secured him in an inside area in order to help him feel more comfortable. Another thing that comforted the tiny cub was being wrapped up in a blanket. Ever since we discovered that this sweet boy adored blankets, he has gotten freshly laundered one every single night to sleep on and wrap himself in. Though Lambert is now a fully grown, magnificent, and confident lion, he still loves his blankets.

Since Lambert was actually less than half the size of Rafiki when he arrived, we attempted to slowly and safely introduce the two cubs, but Lambert was clearly intimidated by Rafiki’s size. So, we decided that they could live next to each other but would not be a good fit to live together.

Lambert is a sweet and beautiful lion. He has a particularly gorgeous mane that stretches all the way down his belly. Along with his loving personality and his golden locks, it is no wonder the fan club Lambert has amassed throughout the years he has been at In-Sync. His female human companions he is close with are often referred to as his “girlfriends.” But one of his relationships stand out amongst others; his relationship with Vicky Keahey. These two have formed a bond akin to a mother-son relationship and it is apparent when observing their interactions. Lambert is very loving and protective of his “mother” Vicky. His behaviors often soften immediately after he sees her as though he knows he is safe and protected when she is near. Their connection is based on mutual respect and trust and an aspiration to all animal lovers!

He loves playing with his toys, particularly the extra large balls. He enjoys eating but is very clear on his preferences on red meats, especially brisket! We adore this goofy, special boy and are so lucky to have watched him grow up.

majestic lambert
lambert laying by tunnel

Species: African Lion (Panthera leo)

Sex: Male
Born: March 22, 2014
Rescued: June 14, 2014

lambert eyes
lambert in tube
full body lambert