Athos is one of three lions that came to In-Sync from Buffalo, New York. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) contacted us and asked us to be part of a large-scale operation when a failed sanctuary closed its doors outside of Buffalo, leaving many animals in need of new, safe forever homes. Five other sanctuaries participated in this rescue along with local law enforcement. We drove to New York to pick up Athos, Kitty, and Lola and bring them home.

athos relaxed on back

Athos was very nervous when he first arrived. But, he settled in quickly and his confidence grew. He started exploring his large playground and seemed very pleased with his new accommodations. Athos shared a cage with Tyjar, a golden tabby tiger, when he first arrived. Initially, Athos was apprehensive but once his confidence kicked in he became quick friends with Tyjar. The boys would play together, but always fence in between. Tyjar tremendously helped Athos feel relaxed and at home.

Athos lived alone for a while, but we noticed that he had eyes for one of our female lions, Sheila. At the time Sheila was living with Kahn, another male lion. When we tragically lost Kahn, we moved Athos and Sheila next to each other in order to see how they interacted through the safety of a fence. They both seemed interested in each other, and so we started the “dating” process and slowly introduced the two lions. Sheila made it known that she called the shots in their relationship, and the two lions hit it off well once Athos accepted her as the boss. We declared the two “married” and they now live together full time. They love chasing each other on their playground and “spooning” on their den top.

Athos is a stubborn, intense, and beautiful soul. He knows he’s a lion and isn’t afraid to remind us, especially around food. Athos especially loves bone night and is quite vocal about it. Our feeders learn to be quick or end up with a boisterous ear deafening roar.

Athos is named in honor of another male lion we rescued, Aramis, and his brothers Porthos and D’Artagnan. We feel so blessed to care for this magnificent, young male.

athos tail
athos close up

Species: African Lion (Panthera leo)

Sex: Male
Born: June 22, 2012
Rescued: May 29, 2014

athos sweet
athos laying in the grass
athos yawning