Tobias was rescued by the USDA from a breeder in Oklahoma. He was brought to us at about 10 months old and in poor health. He had clearly been suffering from extreme neglect, and we were barely able to tell that he was a lynx! Tobias had a horrible case of ringworm which had left him almost completely hairless, anemic, and significantly underweight. Because ringworm is highly contagious, Tobias had to be isolated for eight weeks while he was treated. Whenever anyone went in to treat him, they had to suit up in plastic coverings and clean themselves after Tobias and his enclosure was taken care of. Tobias also required around the clock care and frequent medicated baths to remove the ringworm.

Tobias has since recovered beautifully. Once he was given a clean bill of health, he lived in an enclosure with 2 other lynxes. Unfortunately due to old age both Trooper and Duchess passed leaving Tobias alone. We paired him with a bobcat who mirrors Tobias’ temperament. They got along well and Tobias was often found playing and happily lounging around their enclosure. In 2020, Tobias was moved to the vet clinic. He demonstrated difficulty breathing and swallowing during meals. After diagnostics, he was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis and tracheal collapse. He underwent a surgery called a laryngeal tie-back in order to solve the issues with breathing and swallowing. After the surgery, we were told that Tobias would have to be in a temperature-controlled environment for the rest of his life in order to prevent any complications. We also have had to modify his diet so that he doesn’t choke on pieces of meat that are too big or chicken bones.

After spending quite a while in our vet clinic under observation and in a temperature-controlled environment, we moved him back outside to one of our small cat enclosures that has a heated and air-conditioned night house. His fluffy feet are in the grass again, and we may be even happier than Tobias about it! Tobias also receives a daily nebulizer treatment in order to break up the mucus in his throat and lungs. He continues to be a sweet and tolerant boy, and is always patient with us during his nebulizer treatments. He loves his temperature-controlled night house and can often be found snoozing on the upper platforms. Unfortunately, Tobias cannot be placed back with Sig due to the diagnosis, but he gets plenty of affection from the keepers, cleaners, and feeders. We are blessed and grateful to be a part of this boy’s care and life!

Species: Canadian Lynx (Lynx canadensis)

Sex: Male
Born: May 19, 2009
Rescued: March 19, 2010
Weight at Rescue: 10.5 lbs