In the spring of 2012, residents of a Plano neighborhood reported seeing a bobcat prowling around their neighborhood. While this is not uncommon, this particular bobcat was wearing a collar! Reports continued for about a month, all the while the bobcat evaded capture, until he was successfully captured by Plano Animal Control. The bobcat was taken to the Plano ISD Learning Center so that an appropriate home could be found for him, since no one had come forward to claim the bobcat who had clearly been someone’s pet.

Tammy Welch at the Plano ISD Learning Center contacted In-Sync, and we agreed to take in this homeless bobcat. While we did not have permanent housing at the time, once we learned more about Jasper’s story, we knew we had to take him in. We knew that finding him a good home would be difficult because Jasper displayed a fiery temper when scared or angry but was too comfortable with humans to be rehabilitated.

Now, Jasper lives happily with four other bobcats who are collectively known as the “Looney boys.” All five of them can often be found in a “cuddle puddle” in the same igloo, despite there being several other igloos to choose from.

Jasper is a very picky eater and after numerous attempts to convert him to the same exotic-appropriate diet that our other cats eat, we decided that we would rather this picky boy be fed and healthy rather than underweight due to his pickiness. So, exceptionally, Jasper eats canned food with vitamins and minerals and his diet is supplemented with bones throughout the week, which he loves.

If you remember in the beginning of Jasper’s story we mentioned he was rescued with a collar. This is what indicated to us that he was privately owned as a pet at some point in his young life. During the first few weeks of his arrival, Jasper was not the mild mannered boy he is now. He was quite fiery and feisty and it took a special kind of love to take off his collar. Enter his best friend and favorite person, Vicky Keahey. Vicky and Jasper created a unique bond within the first few days of his arrival. This unique bond continues to this day sharing not only a love for each other but a mutual affinity towards cooked steak which Vicky makes everyday for Jasper as a special treat!

Jasper is a funny boy who loves chasing the hose while his enclosure is being cleaned, and playing in leaf piles that the keepers rake up for him in the fall. He still has his fiery attitude at times, but it has subsided since he found his home and his clowder. We love his wild side, goofy side, and all sides!

Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Male
Born: April 30, 2010
Rescued: April 30, 2012