Assad Dost and Zahra were confiscated by the Webb County Sheriff’s Department and Texas Parks & Wildlife officers. The previous owners did not have the proper permits or the appropriate habitat for them. They had no platforms, no pools, no toys, and no enrichment of any kind. They didn’t even have names. Along with Assad Dost and Zahra, the previous owners were also forced to surrender the two bears they possessed. We drove down and transported both bears to the Frank Buck Zoo, at the request of Texas Parks & Wildlife, and brought our beautiful “babies” to their new home.

assad standing by a tree

Assad was definitely more nervous than Zahra when they first arrived. With some quality time and with lots of love, he started settling in and becoming more comfortable, revealing his personality. Assad Dost is still shy but if he trusts you, he becomes a flirtatious, loving, and chuffy cat.

When you come out, pay close attention to Assad Dost’s distinctive striking coloring. Assad is what is known as a pure white tiger. Besides his tail and face, he is almost entirely absent of tiger stripes. This characteristic, like white tigers, is not a subspecies of tiger. It is a genetic mutation. There are a very few examples of this occurring in the wilds of India, but in captivity it is a result of inbreeding. White tigers and snow white tigers tend to bring more money for the entertainment facilities and their entertainers, motivating breeders to force breeding pairs, brothers and sisters, to increase chances of a white cub. Like most white tigers born in captivity, Assad presents with strabismus, crossed eyes. White tigers born in captivity present with more health risks due to the lack of genetic variation.

Assad Dost, Assad for short, enjoys spending his time with Zahra, but when she needs her space she makes him aware. Assad spends the rest of his time running through his playground with his toys, tearing down enrichment, pushing toys into his pool, and enjoying naps on his platform. Assad is also the father of one of our own, Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren’s mother was already pregnant with him upon their rescue, and has since been spayed. He is a great role model to his son from across the fence, showing him how to play, nap, and “guiding” caretakers into an extra treat or two at dinner. We love this handsome boy and are glad to give him a home with all the love, space, and toys he could want.

assad scratching a tree

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: July 25, 2012
Rescued: January 18, 2018

Assad and Zahra laying on a pool platform
assad sleeping on pool platform