Mitzy was privately owned until her owner no longer wanted her and gave her to the Texas Zoo in Victoria. She lived there for a while and was used as an ambassador animal until she became aggressive with her keeper. The zoo planned to euthanize her, but her keeper contacted a friend who had other lemurs who agreed to take her. This friend kept Mitzy for a month but she did not get along with the other lemurs in her household. So, the friend, having heard that we were looking for a friend for our ring-tailed lemur Loki, contacted us at In-Sync. We agreed to take Mitzy in the hopes that she and Loki could be friends.

When we brought Mitzy home, we introduced her to Loki and they got along well. Soon after meeting, they started snuggling and grooming each other.

Mitzy is very vocal and loves talking to people. She is playful and loves bouncing around her enclosure. She also loves basking in the sun and snuggling in her soft blankets.

Mitzy and Loki lived together for several years until they started having problems. One day, they had a domestic spat and we decided it was safer for both of them if we separated them. We are working on building an enclosure for them so that they can live next to each other and talk to each other but have their own space.

Species: Ring-tailed Lemur (Lemur catta)

Sex: Female
Born: November 25, 2012
Rescued: April 7, 2015