Cincinnati is one of thirteen cats that came from Van, TX. He came with a female enclosure mate, Serena. They lived together and loved each other until her sudden passing in 2018. The Van cats came in three separate groups. The three cougars (Rogue, Raven, and Riddick) arrived January 14th, seven of the tigers arrived February 4th, and the remaining three tigers came home February 5th, 2014. All thirteen cats were re-homed as part of an agreement between In-Sync Exotics and the Caruth C Byrd Wildlife Foundation.

The Van cats ranged in ages three to eighteen, and some were more human imprinted than others. Their former home was bare concrete, with no bedding, and no enrichment/toys of any kind.

cinci playing with a ball

Cincinnati is a very curious, out-going, and playful boy. He quickly won over everyone who met him. He was one of the first Van tigers to be brave enough to check out the playground, and he was the first one to get into the pool! Cincinnati adores toys and on his first day out on the playground, he ran excitedly from toy to toy, claiming each one before running to the next one. To this day, Cincinnati goes crazy for big ‘Safari’ balls and the toy pills, which are large circular disks. Our volunteers love getting new toys for him, knowing that they will be well-used. Cincinnati lived with Serena until her passing in 2018. It took Cincinnati and all of us by surprise but with the help and love of his people, Cincinnati overcame his loss.

We had the good fortune of rescuing and caring for Cypress, the mother of the “kids”, Jafar, and Cincinnati. Cypress was a geriatric cat when she arrived at In-Sync, but lived 4 happy years, to the age of 21! Although she never lived with Cincinnati, she lived close enough to keep an eye on him.

One of Cincinnati’s favorite things to do on the playground is to hop up onto the giant red cylinder when it is sideways and balance perfectly on it and fall asleep. If he ever accidentally slips off, he yells at the toy like it’s the toy’s fault! Come down to Chuffin and watch his sweet boy balance his wild side and joy for life.

cinci laying on a tube

Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: May 4, 2006
Rescued: February 4, 2014

cinci chasing a ball
cinci tongue out