Moses is a wild-born bobcat that was discovered next to a creek on someone’s property soaking wet at about a week old. They believed that he had been washed down the creek due to heavy rainfall. A local wildlife rehabilitator advised the people who found him to place him in a crate with the door open near the creek where he was found. Though this couple was well-meaning, they only placed the kitten in the carrier during the day. Since bobcats are nocturnal, the mother never came back to reclaim Moses.

During this time, Moses formed a bond with the people who had found him. He went to two different rehabilitators; the first nursed him back to health and treated him for worms, coccidia, and dehydration. They did not have room to continue working with Moses, so they sent him to a second rehabilitator who worked with him for several months. But, Moses was just too sweet. He had been exposed to loving human contact at a young age, and would not stop purring through all the efforts to bring out his wild side.

Moses playing

Moses had come to trust people which is a death sentence for a wild bobcat. So, at nine months old, Moses came to live at In-Sync where he would be safe and surrounded by loving humans for the rest of his life.

Moses shared an enclosure with Zacc until Zacc’s passing in 2008. He now lives with Otis and the two are very close. They can often be found curled up in the same basket and are very protective of each other. Moses has always been loyal to and protective of those he loves.

Moses is a playful, friendly bobcat with a mischievous side. When his enclosure is being cleaned, he can often be found chasing the hose or a broom. He also has a penchant for smelling shoes and rubbing his face all over them. While we wish Moses could have had a life of playing free in the wild, we are very glad to have him in our family.

moses side profile
beautiful moses

Species: Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

Sex: Male
Born: April 28, 2006
Rehomed at In-Sync: January 28, 2007
Weight at Rescue: 15 lbs

moses on ramp
moses crouched on tree
moses sitting