Gus’ owner first reached out to us in the summer of 2017. Unfortunately, his owner ceased communication without a single update of Gus and his well-being for almost a year. The owner finally reached out again, and informed us that either we take Gus immediately or the owner would reach out to an entertainment facility. Sensing the urgency from the owner and our desperate desire to provide Gus a safe home, we picked up Gus.

At the time of Gus’ arrival, we were at full capacity as we had accepted other cats needing a home during the hiatus in communication from his previous owner. Gus, like all of our newcomers, was placed in the veterinary clinic for his quarantine period while we played a round of “shuffle” with our cats and their enclosure arrangement. Eventually, Gus found his home in Chuffin and companion in Karma.

gus with a stinky face
gus playing with blue pill

Gus is a strapping, gorgeous, and intelligent white tiger. White tigers are not a subspecies of tigers, but rather a genetic mutation, usually as a byproduct of inbreeding. This specific mutation tends to lead to many major and minor health complications, i.e. strabismus (crossed eyes, triggered when stressed), shortened tendon of the fore legs (club feet), kidney deficits, arched or crooked backbone, and twisted neck. Fortunately for Gus and us, he is healthy.

Gus is a very friendly and loving cat to both his companion, Karma, and his caretakers. He enjoys chasing the golf cart, especially at dinner. Gus is not shy at the dinner table and quite talkative during his meals. He is a must see at our feeding and bone tours! It is exhilarating and humorous to watch a tiger talk while he is eating. We are privileged to be able to care for this sweet tempered, smart, goof.

Gus is also a shining graduate of our training program. In-Sync Exotics provides training for all our eligible and willing cats. Cats, whose temperament allows us to use food and behavior training in order to complete visual body checks, blood pressure checks, as well as voluntary blood draws. This allows our keepers and veterinarians an easy and stress free way to complete an array of medical procedures without having to anesthetize or stress the cats. Our keepers complete the training program every day, utilizing a clicker, verbal encouragement, as well as food as positive reinforcement. Prior to Gus “enrolling” into the training program, it was near impossible to draw blood for routine tests without anesthesia, but now Gus is a patient and willing participant.


Species: Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

Sex: Male
Born: August 30, 2009
Rescued: March 6, 2018

Weight: 453 lbs